Fancy a kebab?

A Kebab Shop has Recently Opened Inside a London Bus

Nothing’s more natural a pairing than a kebab and a London bus; the two are both staples come the end of a night out. And now, a kebab shop has opened in an old London bus, so you can eat your doner in its natural habitat. This new venture from Firat Amara, a 41 year old with over 25 years of experience in the kebab industry, demonstrates the power of an intentional social media approach. In an interview with the Metro, the owner describes his though process when conceiving the project: ‘If I get a double decker bus then people will share it on Instagram, be interested to come and will use it as an advert.’

Having bought an old TFL bus, Amara removed a few seats, the engine and the back tyres to make room for 40 customers and all the equipment needed to make and serve kebabs.

The bus has only been open for a month, but already it’s a hit. It’s captured the attention of social media users, many of whom are making the journey to go and see the kebab bus for themselves. Amara says that, ‘at the end of the day what you put in is what you get back’, but what is striking about this case is that if you harness the power of social media, you can benefit from a media storm that would cost thousands to drum up using typical advertising for free. At the time of the Metro’s article being published the bus had been liked almost half a million times across social media, and as a result business was booming. In fact, Amara is already considering a second bus in Stratford.